Trailer Park

From the first frame of shooting, we partner with studios and filmmakers to create comprehensive advertising strategies that excite fans and fill theaters.  We produce the most dynamic visual marketing in entertainment including unforgettable trailers, teasers, viral videos and television ads.  We have a dedicated team of illustrators and graphic artists creating powerful, iconic key art for one sheets, posters, print ads, billboards, and motion posters.  We also build a full-scale digital presence for our clients with state-of-the-art website design, online advertising, interactive games, mobile sites and applications, and interactive outreach campaigns that span the most popular social media sites.  Our experienced creative team has produced award-winning work across every genre of film.

WHAT we do

  • Trailers, TV Spots, Teasers
  • One sheets, print ads, billboards
  • Web design and development, online advertising
  • Mobile sites, applications
  • Social media strategy and outreach


The Judge

Warner Bros.

Trailer Park Theatrical A/V produced a powerful Trailer that invites audiences to experience the drama and emotion of the Warner Bros. Pictures film The Judge.

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GI Joe


Paramount came to us to design a graphic, stylized, collectible poster as a giveaway for Regal Cinemas. Walmart loved the design and used the artwork for their exclusive steelbook, which received a 2013 Key Art Award.

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As the majority of the special effects were done in post, we were faced with recreating key moments from the film while making them feel just as epic.

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To promote the latest entry in the Muppets movie pantheon, in which Kermit gets replaced with an evil frog twin, Trailer Park developed a playful online ad campaign for Disney that matched the film's tone while offering a host of fun and useful features. The resulting rich media banner campaign included custom 3D animations, dynamic messaging,...

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For the theatrical release of The Thing, we partnered with Dread Central and to run contests giving away awesome Thing merchandise. We also secured placement of the film's mobile game on Dread Central, as well as posted about the app on over 50 relative forums and sites. With continued forum outreach, engaging posts and digital content,...

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