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Social networking has transformed the way we communicate, share ideas, get information and do business. Trailer Park's innovative Social Media division specializes in creating outreach strategies designed to harness the full potential of this new medium. Our experts in digital strategy, social media monetization, optimization, and management stay on top of existing and emerging trends in social networking -- choosing the most effective approach for each client. We design, launch and maintain social media pages and viral video campaigns for clients in film, television, home entertainment and brands. We build interactive social content like games, quizzes and contests to generate user interest, web traffic and word of mouth. By working creatively across multiple social platforms, we give our clients an immediate, effective presence in the global social media revolution.


WHAT we do

  • Comprehensive Social Media strategies
  • Editorial Calendars
  • Social Media page creations and skins
  • Social Media page management
  • Social Games
  • Viral Video Distribution Geo-location programs
  • Analytics Reporting and optimization
  • Social Media Ad Buy Consultation
  • Digital Outreach/Targeted Digital Publicity
  • Social Media Audits
  • Social Media Consultations
  • Copywriting


For the theatrical release of The Thing, we partnered with Dread Central and to run contests giving away awesome Thing merchandise. We also secured placement of the film's mobile game on Dread Central, as well as posted about the app on over 50 relative forums and sites. With continued forum outreach, engaging posts and digital content,...

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Star Wars Social Media

Walt Disney Studio / Buena Vista Home Entertainment

For the Blu-ray release of the complete Star Wars Saga, Trailer Park Social teamed up with thisMoment. Using their Distributed Engagement Channel (DEC) we were able to construct an engaging social campaign filled with clips and photos from the Saga. Each week the DEC was updated with new content, and shared across Star Wars' huge network...

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During Breaking Bad's off-season, Trailer Park Social has maintained a growing, informative, and fun environment for fans. The social pages are updated weekly with news, photos, and cast Q&A's. During March of 2012, New York Magazine's Vulture hosted a Drama Derby, in the style of a March Madness bracket, pitting two shows against each...

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