Trailer Park

Technology has dramatically changed the way consumers make their entertainment choices. Users are now able to view media on a whole host of personal devices, and demand for immediate access to content has skyrocketed. With this changing landscape in mind, Trailer Park's Interactive TV team is committed to designing engaging user experiences that wow consumers. We concept, design and develop interactive TV applications for movie studios, television networks and brands. Our experienced team is working on the forefront of technology including multi-platform application and interface development, tv application design, and lean back experience design and strategy for tablets. No matter the platform, Trailer Park's iTV group enables clients to meet and exceed the expectations of passionate consumers.


WHAT we do

  • Lean Back Experience Design and Strategy
  • Multi-platform Application & Interface Development
  • TV Application Design
  • Usability Testing/Prototyping
  • Workshop Facilitation & Requirements Development
  • Set Top Box UI Design & Development


In tandem with Warner Bros.'s web and iOS teams, iTV was tasked to design and develop the outmywindow photosharing application for Google TV and Yahoo! TV. Usability testing proved successful in establishing a feature set that spoke to WB's desired demographic.

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