Trailer Park

The Trailer Park Content/Menus team combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled behind-the-scenes storytelling that captivates fans and continues to push home entertainment into the future. Our creative team of producers, writers and strategists works closely with studios and filmmakers to create compelling original content that takes audiences on set and behind the scenes.  We produce documentaries, production diaries, featurettes and EPKs for film, television and home entertainment clients. We are an industry leader in Blu-Ray, DVD and interactive content across all mediums - creating menus and immersive bonus features with state of the art graphics and 3D animation.


WHAT we do

  • On-Set/Behind-the-Scenes
  • Original Productions
  • Theatrical Featurettes
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Featurettes
  • Interactive Content
  • Second Screen Experiences
  • Menus
  • BDJ Programming
  • Authoring


Movie 43


Trailer Park reteamed with Relativity Media to create a theatrical content campaign for MOVIE 43 that, like the movie, was uncensored, unexpected and just plain wrong!  Tradition flew out the window as they created unique featurettes and viral videos that introduced audiences to this outrageous film. 

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Trailer Park teamed up with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to create the special features for theCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Blu-ray and DVD release! In addition to our many featurettes, we created a fun mobile app with games featuring the "Foodimals" from the film. With the help of Bill Hader's custom voiceover, we created this app introduction...

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